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Haven't been on since I was 18 and want to start back writing!

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  • I showed you life was beautiful
    and all you did was show
    me love is pain,
    i showed you love was real
    and all you did was make it rain!

    13 years ago
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  • Love me
    don't hurt me
    be there for me
    don't desert me
    care about me
    don't just care for me
    have feelings that last
    don't let them erase and become the past!

    13 years ago
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  • My heart beats, My heart cries, My hearts fed up, with all the lies, You did me wrong, You made me cry, But im still in love, with this same guy, He left me for her, He turned his back on me, So i write poems, To express how i am feeling

    14 years ago
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