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i'm a goth, i'm a happy goth, all my poems are true, except the ones about vampires, and even those have some truth in my life in them. i just started getting back into writing poems again so i know sometimes my rhyming is shakey and that some of my lines dont rhyme, but thats my style so when you comment me dont point out that some of my lines dont rhyme, thanks. i want to get out of this state and go somewhere, anywhere but here, and i drink to much. i think my favorite poem that i ever did is, Is This What Love Is. but i'm writing more every day so it might change. if you comment/rate me i will return the favor.
i want to be an author when i grow up.
i'm trying to get used to writing longer poems so bare with me with my short to middle long poems for now, and sometimes i change around my poems to make them better so always check in and re-rate. thanks )': and i'm sick and tired of people puting my poems on their websites!, i have problems with this so much, thats why i don't put all my pome's up, IF YOU WANT TO PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE ASK ME. thanx
and just to put this out there
Why is it that the gothic community has always held pride of not judging each other but still when it comes down to it, we do! Have we actually lowered ourselves to others' standards where we turn against each other instead of uniteing together? Yet we have divided ourselves into sub-cultures, if you want to them that, and we hold hate for people who are part of certain ones. Goth hates emo, emo hates goth, punk hates goth, and the cycle of hate continues on still. And we over-react when someone calls a goth an emo or vice versa because we are so caught up within the labels. We say that society's judgement makes us sick but actually think about it. Why do we complain of society's labels yet we are persistant on labeling ourselves. And still we do this knowing we are separating our community which used to be united as one. So why don't we destroy these labels that we have created and bring ourselves together once again.

conntact me though this website or my myspace, http://www.myspace.com/vixenbabehimlover

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