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All these poems are mine, unless stated otherwise. I had to create a new account as it appears some friends can't be trusted.

Hope you like them


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Latest Poems By *Cosmic*Whispers*

  • ~ not the poem i initially intended to post, and...
    I love the very bones of you...

  • Slipping deeper
    Rasping breath...

  • I'm still here, Still shaking
    Beneath your fiery gaze...

  • She is perfect
    Perfect figure, Perfect face...

  • Twisted Redemption
    Screaming murder at the sky...

Latest Quotes By *Cosmic*Whispers*

  • So Let the poets cry themselves to sleep
    As their empty words turn back into steam

    *Poison Oak - Bright Eyes*

    15 years ago
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  • Rip myself to pieces
    Just for you
    For every little thing you put me through
    Rip myself to pieces
    Torn in two
    Look what you made this broken angel do

    15 years ago
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  • And then I see you standing there
    Wanting more from me
    And all I can do is try

    And then I see you standing there
    And all I'll ever be
    And all I can do is try

    Nelly Furtado - Try

    15 years ago
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