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These are really old poems from when I was 12-15. So, yes(: Enjoy the crap.

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Latest Poems By mellmer

  • Tears streaming down her face,
    She lost the dreams she couldn't chase...

  • Sitting in my room, alone.
    My heart is beating fast...

  • I feel like freaking crap.
    and know that`s not a lie...

  • My life, it sucks.
    I can`t take no more...

  • In her dreams, she`s still awake..
    waiting to find, what she must make...

Latest Quotes By mellmer

  • Writing is a form of art. It is a life style.
    It`s my life style. I live through my thoughts;
    Which become words on paper, in blogs-
    They become life. Writing is my life

    --on writing=]

    14 years ago
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  • Sometimes, the one person who cares about you & loves you the most, is the person who is right in front of you, & who you`d least expect to be with

    15 years ago
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  • I definitely love you and I definitely always will.
    i can`t promise i`ll never hurt you and i`ll always be there for you and i can`t promise that we`ll always be friends
    but i can promise you,
    here and now, forever,
    that i will always love you.

    15 years ago
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