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I'm the man who brings understanding and confusion. I am the White Blizzard of feeling. Yet is there anyone who i have met who agrees. My poetry is there for understanding the lost and the found.

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  • Age : 19
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  • Country : Australia
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Latest Poems By White Blizzard

  • When it flows through the stream
    You blind your eyes in light...

  • Do I care by day?
    Will I care by night...

  • (This poem is about a girl, and she knows who she...
    I want to walk along a path with you...

  • I am my shadow and my shadow is me,
    I am the cold dark movement that follows behind...

  • One has slipped
    Two has just gone...

Latest Quotes By White Blizzard

  • Live your life to the best you can. Avoid all breakdowns and heartache.
    Be one with the blowing wind.
    Only then will you find the answer.

    12 years ago
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  • Give yourself over to absolute pleasure!

    13 years ago
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  • Remember who you are, but remember why you fall.

    13 years ago
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