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My name's not really Jackie Bilson but this is my way of showing the world who I am...without revealing who I am. I know my work doesn't seem like much but, they mean a lot to me and it would be great if you could read them.

"Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten..."
"Who wants to be ordinary, in this crazy mixed-up world?"

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  • Age : 20
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  • Country : New Zealand
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Latest Poems By Jackie Bilson

  • Golden glimmer in your hair
    Biting your lip...

  • When you walk into the room,
    Do you even see...

  • The heavy curtains open to reveal,
    The passion I wish wasn't real...

  • Lying in the darkness,
    In emptiness despair...

  • One mistake can take your life,
    One unintended slash of a knife...

Latest Quotes By Jackie Bilson

  • You've tortured my soul and broke my heart,
    You've killed the love that grew.
    But the pieces of me that I still have left,
    Will always belong to you.

    19 years ago
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  • If you can't lose what you never had, can you have what you have lost?

    19 years ago
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  • You promised to catch me whenever I fall, but now you're the one pushing me down...

    19 years ago
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