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Quotes mean a lot to me, I put a lot of meaning and emotion in them so if you can please rate them, I have some poems and they aren't very good but I rather write quotes any day.

Tony :D love ya

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Latest Poems By xxMagioxx

  • I'm just a kid
    I don't know any better...

  • Hell (16)

    I come home from school
    Wishing for a peaceful evening...

  • Its just me alone in bed
    Wondering why I am crying...

  • L ifeless
    O verwhelming...

  • I lay down in bed
    Feeling this pain...

Latest Quotes By xxMagioxx

  • "Is it better to have everyone hate you for who you are, or have people like you for who your not? Is the answer really that clear or am I just too scared to find out? I don't know any more..."

    8 years ago
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  • "I'm sorry that you hate the thing that makes me unique..."

    8 years ago
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  • "I know your out there somewhere...wondering if your looking for me too..."

    8 years ago
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