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Hey everyone...if you haven't guessed my name is Breanna and I LOVE poetry. I love to read it...anykind, it's all amazing. I write what I feel at the moment...and usually just when I am feeling an intense emotion. I've discovered that writing helps me release whatever it is I need to release. I have also discovered that I am really bad at writing happy poetry. lol So you'll find that most of my poems are sad or dark.
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******************************** My favorite poet on the site so far it Billy Rob....he has such amazing talent. Some other poets I like are Adrian, *Cosmic* Whispers, and Zack. They are all Great.

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Latest Poems By SilenceBreaksTheHeart

  • Everything I do is a cry for your attention,
    every little feeling is beyond my comprehension...

  • Dear diary,
    I'm not sure where to start...

  • I'll be the cover for your scar,
    I'll be your wish upon a star...

  • If I was gonna leave,
    then I'd be gone...

  • No One (3)

    No one understands,
    I'm alone inside...

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  • Love is a promise of forever...

    17 years ago
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  • I wasn't kissing you...I was telling your lips a little secret.

    17 years ago
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