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Hi my name is Annissha White...i was born in chicago where its alwayz hype and something to do unlike where i live now, (franklin, louisiana) hate it here faker then where i use 2 live at....which is michigan city...miss it there....neways i am 18 years old and at the moment i am pregnant with my first and only baby father doesnt believe hurts but i'll get over it....Also i am a very cool person, real az hell, and forgives people no matter how bad they made me feel....i like to listen to music and i love to work and make my own money....hmmm what else...oh yea i love to write poetry but only when i am sad....well thats all i have to say at the out!

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    What are memories but evidence of the past...

  • Words cant explain how he made me feel inside,
    He made me so happy and he never made me cry...

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    Love is a game...

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    My best friend got shot...

  • He told her he loved her,
    everytime he got a change...

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  • Trusting sumone that is a liar is like a rerun of a game, no matter how many times you tell that person a secret the score will always be the same

    12 years ago
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  • "Never fight for sumone who wouldnt fight for you"

    13 years ago
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  • Love iz like quicksand, the deeper u fall, the harder it iz 2 get out

    13 years ago
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