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I love to write. I do it on my free time. I write for only myself, not anyone else. If people like it then they like it, if not then whatever. Writing clears my head. It is a outlet for life! Writing helps me breathe, think and live. Without it I dont know where I would be.

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  • Age : 18
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Latest Poems By Tiffany

  • On the verge of tears
    Anger built up to last for years...

  • The little girl sits crying drowning in her grief
    Even the small things can make her weep...

  • I beg my mind to go to rest
    As my heart beats faster through my chest...

  • Letting go seems so hard to do
    For in my mind are thoughts of you...

  • In a heat of a moment it all comes back
    Just one second gone by and Im lying on my back...

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