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I have a strong love for poetry and I wish I could write better, but I try my hardest to write from my heart and how I feel. I hope you enjoy them. Even if you don't, thats OK because these are my feelings and thoughts and so as long as I write how I truly feel then thats all that matters! I am not as bad off as some of my poems say, but times can be really tough for me and I need to let it out somehow. The only way to do that is through poetry, I need to express the feelings that have been locked inside me for so long.

I like a variety of genres. my favorites are, surprisingly, Love poems and sad poems. They may not mix very wel but they both are truly beautiful!

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Latest Poems By sweet_rebellion

  • Walking through the crowded hallways
    people are dodging back and forth...

  • The moment I first saw you
    I wasn't very sure...

  • Suddenly aware that I'm alone, except for the...
    I slowly make my way through the cemetary...

  • There's a tale to be told by every living soul.
    We each have a story, waiting to be written...

  • Sitting in silence gives me the feeling of...
    I hear the crickets and the leaves rustle around...

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  • If I can't be who I want to be, then I guess I have to be someone I'm not.


    13 years ago
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  • "Being shy is like being locked in a cage....I never come out to get to know the world."


    13 years ago
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  • "Keep your chin held high and never look down. Look up to succeed, look down to drown."


    13 years ago
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