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wats up??? i'm a normal person lost in life ya know how it is i have a gf and i love her so much she is everything to me well read my poems and tell me wat u like and comment me :)

and for those of you down with the clown. Much Clown Love!!!!!

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  • Age : 15
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  • I never wanted to see you get hurt that bad
    My mind just wasn't with me I'm sorry i was just...

  • We both stand side by side,
    the moonlight sparkles in your eye...

  • More than my own life i care for you
    And everyday my love for you grows...

  • You just keep pushing me further away
    leaving me helpless with all of this pain...

  • Always (3)

    We lie close perspiration in the air
    lying over you with my fingers through your hair...

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