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The poems I write come from my life overactive imagination...and my observations of all that fall between the two. I've tried writing in several different styles...though I couldn't tell you what they're called...or even if I followed the rules correctly. Some are new...and some were written years ago. Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome :)

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Latest Poems By Dennis

  • It seems like only yesterday
    I fell in love with you...

  • Noisy crowded buses run
    Taxi cabs they scurry...

  • When all that's around you
    Seems awkward with trouble...

  • Eyes (14)

    Discovering...I pull myself into her eyes
    Beyond my reflection I bathe in a tempest of...

  • I remember her voice
    So's almost a whisper...

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  • She claimed that she was looking for a commitment...but what she really meant was that she needed to be committed! :)

    14 years ago
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