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Quick blurb about my poetry. All my poems I write are finished in a matter of seconds or minutes. When I write I just let the words pour from my finger tips inspired by a burst of emotions. I don't spend a lot of time on a poem because thats just not my style. It is mainly all emotion based so it may not follow everyones standards of poetry writing. But in my opinion, poetry is an art form and should not have to follow a set of rules and guidelines. It is an expression that can be interpreted in many different ways by whoever is reading it. So if I don't write like you think a poet should. Then I'm sorry but please move on to someone else because I will not change any of my work. Thanks for reading anyways! Now onto a little about me:

Well I am a recent college graduate now working as a medical technologist. I got into writing poetry during my last year of college for a bit of release from all the stress. I also write short stories if you are interested. There is so much that I could say about me, but I will leave that up to for you to ask and find out.!

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  • Sometimes a girl needs to be on her own.To find herself, to grow and define into who she is meant to be.

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