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I'm loud & crazy but my friends still love me! I'm the kind of gal who speaks her mind if U don't like it U can get over it! I am a country gal w/ some great friends! I'll tell ya to buck up if U need 2! I have a few friends that R bullriders & a few in the Army baby! They R all really great! I have a caring heart U just have 2 get 2 know me better & then ya get 2 see the real me! I'm the kind of gal that don't take much crap from people don't matter who it is! & if ya can't tell by now I'm 1 of the guys but looks like a girly girl ya know makeup & all of that but I act like 1 of the guys! & it don't matter if U don't like it cuz thats me! So ya can get over it! I know this makes me sound like a b-itch but I really not 2 bad! If ya wanna know more just let me know!

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  • Age : 18
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Colorado
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Latest Poems By Nina09

  • All my love for you
    Shines like the light off the light of the morning...

  • Words flowing uncontrollably
    Hate and bitterness dripping from them...

  • Sitting here waiting on another day
    Sitting here just wasting away...

  • Things over flowing everywhere
    The closet doors, open...

  • Knowing that you were just there
    Last night holding me...

Latest Quotes By Nina09

  • Away of life
    To get over pain
    Unendless fight that has gone away
    Way to forget about you and everyone else like you that hurts me
    Away of life
    ....just look at my arms

    11 years ago
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  • The things you do the things you say
    Dont you see kill me
    I want you to hold me pull me near
    You say you love you
    So show me you care

    11 years ago
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  • I love you and you let me down
    You gave your word just to break my heart
    held me just to let me go

    11 years ago
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