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So, I'm close to deleting my early poems, for I feel as if they are all said and done. Of course, I'll be keeping the newer ones and adding more. -----------------------------------So, my name is Brie. I'm fifteen. Honestly, (I have nothing to hide) I just discharged from a psychiatric residential treatment facility for a number of things including chemical dependency and depression. So, needless to say, I'm at a vulnerable point in my life - everything has changed in the past four months when I was gone. In my efforts to bring it back, I hope to find new things that fulfill me even more than what I've had before. Every poem entails honest words. And I guess there are some that are still painful for me to read- especially Tulsa (918) and Vodka Soda which depict the exact, true feelings of my first love, who I am still trying to let go of. I love to make friends and just talk so message me(: -----------------------------------Upcoming Poems (in the works): White Ribbons / Electric Glow / Canada Skycam / Space to Grow / Buildings & Mountains / War -----------------------------------Links: / /

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  • We are feathers in the wind,
    we are feathers who have sinned...

  • Who I am and who I want to be are equally strange...
    when they speak...

  • A strange little room in the middle of a house
    Little machines move within without a sound...

  • My mama said don't let your sickness define you
    but sometimes my sickness was all I had...

  • We don't see the sky, not here, not ever.
    Even though the world stills...

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  • "...And I should have been your everything and now at the end of my eternity I will sleep to have the darkest dreams. As this just won't seem right to me, I close my eyes and beg for peace..."

    -Mayday Parade

    11 years ago
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  • "The dreamers get punished most by the truth they say."

    -Vanessa Carlton

    11 years ago
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  • "Fools like me, how we love blindly. No, the cracks don't count. It's gotta break in front of me."

    -Vanessa Carlton

    11 years ago
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