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hi, I'm lauren.
Im a senior at Creekview HS.
I play Volleyball and run track for my school teams. these two things are my life. they keep me sane and are more important to me than anything.
writing is my way of letting everything out. its my voice.


most of my poems are about my own experiences. I've had a rough time with life lately and poetry is how i express myself. its my voice if you will. please comment my poems. i really want to get a book of them published and would like to kno if they should be changed or left out entirely.

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Latest Poems By blackheartslove

  • Standing all alone
    On a crowded street...

  • I'm caught inside a looking glass
    My reflection staring back...

  • A pair of velvet shoes
    Dance around the room...

  • Im just sending these words into outer space
    Waiting for them to fall back down...

  • This pain is taking its toll on me
    Why did you have to leave...

Latest Quotes By blackheartslove

  • A heart is like a pack of gum.
    you give away one piece and suddenly the whole pack is gone.

    10 years ago
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  • I want a boy who knows he could break my heart but would never dream of it... because it would break his own.

    11 years ago
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  • Sometimes in life love comes along and gives us a fairytale...
    But that's all it ever proves to be because in the end it always fades away...
    And were left to face reality alone and wonder why we ever left our dreams.

    11 years ago
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