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Girls, there are things in this world you should never meddle with, the utmost being men. They feed you lines, they talk sweet to you and they do everything they can to get you to love them. Some know what they're doing, some are rather clueless and still there are those chosen few who truly mean what they say. And those, my fellow ladies, are the ones you really need to watch yourself with because as time passes and months go by one day you wake up and realize you really do love them the way they're constantly telling you they love you.

The truth is when you need them most is when you'll learn if they really love you like they say they do. Staying together through everything life throws at you is a nearly impossible task. And i can promise you the guys who can't do it never meant what they said about loving you and being there for you through it all. I'm not saying that they never loved you but they never loved you enough to put in that extra 20% when it wasn't easy for them. A true man and lover would do anything and everything he could to make sure he would always have you.

It may take months or even years for you to realize the man you've fallen 150% in love with really can't live up to all his big talk. But the day he finally shows you he lacks real balls is the day you need to learn you are way too good for him. Everyone says there's someone out there for all of us but when he leaves you feel as though not a single person accept him could fill that grand canyon size crater in your chest. But because he left you now know what everyone says about heartbreak is true so maybe there's some truth in everything else they say.

Now, if only i could take my own advise to whatever heart i have left.

And if you're a guy and you're reading this, do all the wonderfully beautiful and strong women in the world a favor and don't lie to them; it's that simple. If you don't really love her, don't tell her you do. And if you won't be there for her through it all or you don't know if you'd really be able to, damn it don't tell her you will!

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  • Guys..girls... come on! really?! what is up with all these depressing, heartbreaking quotes in the love section???? its called LOVE for a reason!! this depressing shit needs to be under the one labeled: DEPRESSING

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  • What we all have to realize is all those times the one we love tells us they'll love us until they die, they simply mean they'll love us until they're tired of being with us.

    12 years ago
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  • You don't have to be a loner your whole life. you just don't have to show them who you really are inside. don't tell them your secrets, don't show them your weaknesses, don't let them find your soul.

    12 years ago
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