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hi im Alexis, i love poetry, i think it really can just help release a lot of emotion. i write whatever i happen to be feeling or thinking about at the time. i may not seem like it but im a very happy person, love to laugh and joke around and people tend to take advantage of how nice i am i dont really let people know but i really get angry a lot a smile can be decieving. thats why i turn to poetry i can just show how i feel. so please vote and comment and ill return the favor. enjoy

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  • Bush oh Bush how I despise you so
    From the dumb decisions down to the war upon us...

  • There's one thing in this world i desire
    and thats for US...

  • You may boost your head up cause you think I want...
    But the past doesn’t last for more...

  • I don't get anything good or nice these days
    Even though they say God works in mysterious ways...

  • We all know in life
    you find someone true...

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  • If you cry ,wipe your eyes, you may miss a happy moment.

    13 years ago
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