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(EL)means EternalLover.

Death is peaceful. Easy. Life Is Hard.

Hello. My motto is Life sucks. Then you Die. Because that's perfectly true. We'll fall in love young about 1000 times. Because we don't know what 'love' is. && when we finally realize this, we keep wondering to ourselves, "could he *or she* be the one?"

You can fall in 'love' so many times. That's not important though. No, whats important, is if the person you fall for is willing to catch you & how long it'll be till they drop you.

I believe in "love", however I also believe that not many people look for it anymore. No, they just look for a good time on a late night. That's all anyone really wants these days. Why? Because hookups dont have a messy break up.

It's a relationship that won't hurt. For those few moments, all you know for sure is: you want them, they want you. And that temporary feeling, is amazing and so very addictive...

-Jo Anna eternallover

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  • Sorry, but boy,
    I can do better than you.
    For example: your best friend.(;

    9 years ago
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  • You know what weird?
    I realized this a couple days ago...

    Just because I hate you.
    Doesen't mean I don't love you.

    It makes so much sense. doesen't it?

    11 years ago
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  • Love lasts a lifetime..... True love lasts even after that.

    11 years ago
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