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HEELLOO!!! my name is shanna mae. i am 18 years old.
and i love to read and write poetry. its a way for me to express myself.
in my 18 years of living i have experienced so much that most people wouldnt experience in their whole lives. i had to grow up way to early, i may not have had the best childhood but i cant blame my mom. she tried. although alot has happened in my life i am still as happy as ever! i am married to the love of my life Natalio Avina jr. he is the most amazing person. and we have are own little bundle of joy devin scott born on july 3rd 2010 i am the happiest person on the planet
but anyway. i would love to here from you all.
thank you.

PlZ cOmMeNt aNd rAtE my poems and QuOtEs (iF yOu wAnT) :]]

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  • Fake Friends Will Stab You In The Back
    tRuE friends will stab you in the front { pastor Keith}

    10 years ago
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  • I want super glue friends not elmers glue friends {pastor keith}

    10 years ago
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  • When you have sex its like biting into an apple. you cant take it back. no matter what the consiquences are,maybe you got pregnant maybe your apple had a worm in it. no matter what its forever.

    10 years ago
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