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I no im not that great at writing poems but it is something that i enjoy doing so i dont care if there not all that good.
Itd be really great if you could comment though, so i can hear my strengths and faults.
Thanks xx.
P.S Hunny was my dog who has past away, she was my world along with Rusty who was only 1 when he was shot around the same time that i lost Hunny to kangaroos..
Forever love and kisses to them both xo.

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  • Times they got hard
    When I couldnt understand
    But he would say Im here for you darl,
    Ile hold your hand..

    And my smile
    Would slowly appear
    And my world would instantly
    Become clear..

    9 years ago
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  • Sometimes things arent how they seem..
    When times get rough it gets so mean..
    Band together this loyal team..
    Chase your heart & catch your dreams..

    10 years ago
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  • You are my wizard,
    I am your tin man,
    Ive not come for a heart,
    But to give you mine till the end..

    10 years ago
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