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I no im not that great at writing poems but it is something that i enjoy doing so i dont care if there not all that good.
Itd be really great if you could comment though, so i can hear my strengths and faults.
Thanks xx.
P.S Hunny was my dog who has past away, she was my world along with Rusty who was only 1 when he was shot around the same time that i lost Hunny to kangaroos..
Forever love and kisses to them both xo.

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  • Times they got hard
    When I couldnt understand
    But he would say Im here for you darl,
    Ile hold your hand..

    And my smile
    Would slowly appear
    And my world would instantly
    Become clear..

    10 years ago
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  • Sometimes things arent how they seem..
    When times get rough it gets so mean..
    Band together this loyal team..
    Chase your heart & catch your dreams..

    10 years ago
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  • You are my wizard,
    I am your tin man,
    Ive not come for a heart,
    But to give you mine till the end..

    11 years ago
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