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Hey I'm Kaitlyn, I now live in Chinaa...etc.etc. Im losing my chances in writing... i cant critique anymore cuz i just dont know what to say about anything noww....

I LOVE____- GOD.Friends.Family. Music. Food.(sry=]) Poetry. Singing. Writing. Arguing. (Only if it makes sense to). Being Me. Hanging with people who care and as always theres this one special guy who has my heart good or bad..

I HATE________- Ignorance, Hatred, Judgmental people that cant spend another day in someones shoes, People who think theyre better than everyone else, And those who think they can try to make themselves look smarter by verbally attacking the American govt and the people in it. SRY but they have a hard job and you cant expect perfection and ill stand up for them doing so even if i dont agree.

OTHER THAN THAT tho.. Im pretty much fun to talk to... SO if your ever bored or just want to talk to someone PM me... I have no life im practically always on here anyways. =]

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  • "Living life is like breathing air....good or bad, you have to do it. "

    12 years ago
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  • "She stays off, cuz he stays on......"

    This is about one of my friends and the guy she met online, she refuses to look at a website becuz of what he said and did.

    12 years ago
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  • A best friend is someone who walks IN when the rest of the world walks OUT.

    Not mine.. but its sooo tru. so i thought id put it up.. =]

    12 years ago
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