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Sometimes one thing can contain everything... Maybe this will explain what i mean:
Look outside a window, & you'll see a street. If I'd stick a piece of paper over the window, then with a penknife i cut a small square in the paper, what would you see through that hole? Ofcourse you'd still see the same street. Just as each of these holes contain within it the whole view of the same street, those poems reflect me.

- I'd love it if you commented on my work, it would mean alot to me. I like opinions, even if it was critical.
I'm not much of a great poet. But I still hope you like what i write =]

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  • You

    I've been lately thinking of what I really need...
    My family, believing in myself, my friends...

  • Why does it seem like such a disstant nearly...
    to wake up and find it all different somehow...

  • Ever wondered what that word meant...
    A struggle? A strife...

  • I stop and stare
    I look into a mirror reflecting me...

  • They had a fight and both got really mad
    There were shouts,there were screams...

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  • It's either that they don't care enough or they don't care enough to notice..what's wrong.

    12 years ago
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  • I live on the hope that one day it won't matter anymore, because that other day other things will, and in some other day those things won't matter either.

    12 years ago
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  • Don't misjudge me. I'll prove you wrong for what you expected. There are sides of me you never saw reflected.

    12 years ago
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