Favorite Poems of Jad

  • A Childhood Dream (3)

    by silvershoes

    I was running like a ghost
    that had seen the eyes of the devil...

  • Every Moment Comes To An End (7)

    by cantchangeme

    Today the world is broken
    Bleeding hearts bled all but dry...

  • You
    You is all i need...

  • Memories.

    by MikaMad15

    Memories.... thats all they are... faded screen...
    Briskly the pictures gather together to form...

  • Left For Dead (4)

    by Travis

    Take me away from this place
    I don't belong here...

  • Closed (3)

    by Liz

    I love you, but do you love me?
    I can't try to see. If I do I might get hurt. Just...

  • Yesterday
    Black as night. Covering it up...

  • Its always me!!! (1)

    by Jennafluff

    I loved you,
    You didn't...

  • Life and Death (2)

    by CryBloodRedTears

    How do you save a life when the life is gone
    You can't because your future is drawn...

  • Autumn's Dream (14) 5

    by Rania Moallem

    Dancing with sweet feminism,
    above cemeteries of barren fields...

  • What if (2)

    by Shushan

    I met you that day
    and couldn't et you off my mind...

  • Cos I believe in you,
    no matter what you say or do...

  • You Have Been Warned (2) 1

    by silvershoes

    My heart is a black hole in space, sucking
    the bones of love dry...

  • My Last Goodbye (6)

    by Kuro

    One pill, to ease the pain
    Two pills, if I can't sustain...

  • Orphaned Poem--for Jad/Austin (3)

    by Rania Moallem

    I find my self lost, undefined
    through your subtle sadness...