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I write cause i love it. I love the way words when put together right seem to snake around in your head and consume you. i only write when inspired so i probably won't inter into any contests. even though i love writing i'm NOT a critic i'm very bad at reviews so please don't ask me.
i'm very anti-social, it doesn't mean you can't pm me and ask about my poems or somethin(I would kinda like it if you did) it just means i'll probably never join a club. i don't like talking to more than one person at a time.(yea im wierd i know)
NOW lastly I'm also an anime freak so if any one else is i WOULD love it if you pmed me and tell me about some shows i can watch.

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  • Cry in either pain or joy, just make sure the tears fall and you're in the arms of a loved one.

    8 years ago
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  • Walk slowly; you might see the flowers bloom.

    8 years ago
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  • Being perfect is when your kind of bored, kind of tired, kind of happy, kind of satisfied, kind of lonely, kind of excited, and kind of everything else in-between.

    9 years ago
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