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More slam spoken word than traditional influences.
So its reflected in what I write, so if you read it and aren't getting the flow think of it as it would be spoken with emotional context and it will make more sense :D

The art of the spoken word in my eyes renders traditional writings obsolete and inadequate. The power of poetry in my eyes comes from the soul the heart of the message not the context in which you have to write it to fit it in so many lines or structures.
It allows one to release the feeling onto others rendering them helpless but to understand the true meaning of the message.
Speak to me speak of thoughts of me and I will understand, write them to paper and I understand but never really feel the message.
Hope that makes sense.

Please feel free to message me or comment on any posts I throw up it has been years since I have posted here so looking forward to reading a lot of great works from a lot of great people,

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