Favorite Poems of Gabriel

  • When I still believed in fairytales (2) 4

    by Fredy RoMa0u Sanchez

    When I still believed in fairytales
    When the world hid behind clouded veils...

  • Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, Kinda (1) 3

    by cantchangeme

    Kinda shoulda tried so much harder
    Pushed through every razor...

  • From Boy To Man 1

    by leeanne

    A boy will make you cry
    A man will be right by your side...

  • You Demand To Bolt My Mouth Shut (14) 1

    by CathyButterflyJC

    You demand to bolt my mouth shut
    You try to keep my voice inside...

  • My Thoughts (8) 5

    by DarkLight

    May you find comfort in the balance of light...
    As the winds whisper, may the words fill your...

  • Waiting no more (7) 6

    by DarkLight

    In her eyes lay salt crystals of regret,
    pain trying to escape her heart...

  • How to calm the sea (27) 17 WIN

    by silvershoes

    She carries with her oceans;
    salty waves that when left alone...

  • Just Breathe (2) 1

    by Biancas Veil

    I need a day I can sit and look,
    Amongst the trees with just a book...

  • I'll make it (2) 1

    by I always end up killing myself in the end

    Nobody can bring me down,
    It is my time to shine right now...