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Hi there, Although I havent posted my age, I can tell you I am young, but not that young. I have been around the corner a couple of times when it comes to love and relationships, and I can tell you persnoally that it can be tough. I have been through some terrible breakups where I wasnt in the wrong, where the girl found someone in a worser situation than me, and decided she would give him all her love and affection and throw me aside. I play a lot of sports, and currently am in college, I like to hang out with friends and go to the movies, or go party and drink for that matter. =) I hope you all enjoy the poems I post, and look forward to hearing some of your comments.

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  • Age : 22
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Latest Poems By Robert

  • Lights blaze the midnight sky
    With different color's and shape's of every kind...

  • I felt an unknown sound within my chest
    I thought that maybe I just wasn't at my best...

  • The world (4) 1

    Time tell's me what can't be seen
    As I try to listen to everything around me...

  • My life isn't perfect, and it's definitely not the...
    I don't seem to assert myself, and there is a pain...

  • I fell within a darkness that felt like eternity
    blinded by the countless choices I had made...