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So I guess I'm meant to say something interesting here,

Though I admit that I despise filling these things out,

Ever been stuck wondering how to describe yourself,

Fancy words quickly floating away leaving you in doubt

Alright I guess I'll say the following: I'm humorous loyal & kind

Neutral naughty & nice are all within me & healithly combined

Outgoing & outspoken, no one like I will you ever come to find

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  • Age : 23
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  • Country : Italy
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Latest Poems By Athanael

  • Within moonlight, shadows meld together
    fervidly planting butterfly kisses...

  • It could have been noone ... but you,
    the great Mr Frosty, the savior that with a white...

  • Sullen and nostalgic feelings
    in a blue ocean of melancholy...

  • Your greatest birthday present ...
    ... Is the one you gave me and made me smile, and...

  • Lonesome seagulls chasing for stars
    suavely flying before an eternal paradise...

Latest Quotes By Athanael

  • Emotions are like rivers. You may build a dam but water pressure will create the suffering through which peace will be restored. Every negative emotion is our vital energy working as a ram to tear down our walls and, ultimately, set us free.

    5 years ago
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  • May fate be benevolent to you, for even a chess master will inevitably be checkmated if up against a demon at the board of life.

    5 years ago
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  • Loving someone when things are going well is easy. It's only when there's an obstacle that true love comes out.

    6 years ago
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