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Hey! I'm Carrie! as you probably already know, but oh well... well, i've been writing for about fouryears now. Ever since I have became depressed.I have tried many attemptes to commite suicide but have failed miserably! I also started cutting myself about 2 years ago. I am proud to say I have been clean from cutting for about a year now! Believe me it's not as easy as it looks! Well, this had really made me wanna write because It had made it so easy to express my feelings that I have had locked up deep inside!I am doing better ever since I have started writing! And I'd also really love for all of you to comment or vote what you think! It means alot to see what everyone thinks. I hope all of you will enjoy my poems! If anyone wants to talk or ask me something, send me an e-mail! Or you can hit me with a message if you have AIM (HotnSweetCarrie2) or if you have yahoo messanger hit me with a message on that to! (crazycarrie18) If any feel like chatting feel free to Message me anytime! Luv to all!


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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : USA, Oregon
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Latest Poems By Carrie

  • Driving around town taking each moment in
    with you in shotgun, sitting next to me...

  • His grip is tight, as he is shaking inside
    Fear is an emotion he was trained to hide...

  • I've heard all your excuses before
    So save your breath...

  • I know I've let ya down time and time again
    Just know I never meant to hurt you my friend...

  • Emptiness fills me up inside
    As I stand in a crowd feeling oh so alone...

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  • I Hurt Myself Today, To See If I Still Feel....

    - Johnny Cash
    Song: Hurt

    15 years ago
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