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My name is Kendra (Kendra Dee) & I USED to write poems,,,I'll start again some day,,,for now this is SOME of my stuff,,,

Kendra Dee

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Latest Poems By CaptainTyingKnots

  • I live with half a heart
    but that's enough for me...

  • When pain still finds a way to come
    Take a Prozac pill for that...

  • I know my dreams sound crazy
    Forgive me for sounding cocky...

  • If I knew back then what I know now
    I woulda turned my life around...

  • Tears well up in my eyes
    Down goes my disguise...

Latest Quotes By CaptainTyingKnots

  • Told myself that you were right for me
    But felt so lonely in your company

    "somebody that I used to know" Gotye

    7 years ago
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  • When sadness overwhelms you
    Take a Prozac pill for that
    Float in seas and shades of gray
    Until contentment can consume you

    8 years ago
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  • When broken hearts betray you
    Take a Prozac pill for that
    Leave the past behind you
    It's better where it's at

    8 years ago
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