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hi, this is a shoutout to all my friends, and especially to Lindsey! Girl, you have totally inspired me in everything i do! you have a great talent! no matter what you say or think! and Ray. even though you are just getting into writing poetry and stuff i know you have always shared a passion for poetry with me! i love ya both. i wish i wasnt movin so far away. but i know we'll always stay close! lylas.

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  • Age : 14
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Latest Poems By Gabby

  • He's the original class clown.
    He gives me no reason to frown...

  • There\'s a saying \"Life is like a...
    That is very very true...

  • You are one of my best friends,
    And it will always be like that until time ends...

  • Change
    isn't always good...

  • I miss his smile,
    I wish I could see him for just a little while...

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  • ~*~ "True friendship is the strength to be apart, and yet still be so close; joined at the heart" ~*~

    16 years ago
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  • *~Don't think of how they died; rather, think of how they lived. ~*

    16 years ago
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  • True friends stay and walk in, while others walk out.

    16 years ago
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