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I love writing and I am hoping to publish in the future

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  • But I awoke in a place today in which I wished all...
    They did not wish me harm, I wish that they were...

  • I walked towards his shadow which seemed to always...
    I was quite alone, my shadow walked in a single...

  • There is an empty path filled with cobwebs along...
    This path is dark, not lit with a light, you pass...

  • Feeel (1)

    Some nights I don't know if I can even sleep.
    Your face in my mind, a secret I know I can keep...

  • My fingers were trembling, and I couldn't stop my...
    "Give me a second chance.&quot...

Latest Quotes By lillie

  • -Do you love him?

    Yeah.. of course

    -Enough to forgive him?

    I don't know.

    6 years ago
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  • Sometimes having emotions is worse than death.
    Emotions are painful, while death is not.

    6 years ago
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  • She looked into his sadness.
    And asked "what consumes you?"
    He looked at those eyes and whispered.
    "The darkness"

    6 years ago
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