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um. hello. i just hope you people enjoy my poems. i try. i know there not as good as every-one else but what can i say. i suck. but i love to write. i hate when you space out cant cant seem to put it into words. yup. that sucks. i would also be great full if some of you people could leave me comments, so i can see what I'm doing wrong. i need to find ways to improve. oh. and please don't take any of my poems. please.
~pinkey promies~

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  • The realization of my thoughts,
    my actions...

  • My nerves brush against my heart
    Bare the struggle of a tedious event...

  • From afar the angel holds her breath
    until the skin is bruised to the core...

  • Summer songs sing of love
    ever so sweet...

  • ~im not sure if this works~
    The softness of a dream voice whispers...

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  • "A heart refuses to guide the rejection through. Leaving the healing to enclose the thought, "Am I not worthy.""

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  • "While the search for the fallen star continues lets hope the wish is kept."


    9 years ago
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  • "Within the darkness of the night you can still feel the heat from the sun."


    9 years ago
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