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My name is jacob. For me, writing is almost a form of therapy. It helps me to get out the negative emotions i tend to harbor otherwise. Sometimes I write just for the sake of writing and practice. I love getting feed back so if you would please comment and/or vote it would be greatly appreciated. Everything I post here is my own original work and is © so dont steal it or ill have to kill ya :)

Alot that is here is very old, and looking back on it, terrible >.< I will be uploading some new stuff soon if all goes to plan.

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  • Age : 18
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  • And so, on we strive forth forever beating at time hoping to push it back as we push through its phathomless reaches, infinite in all aspects, fighting back death in this war known as life.

    14 years ago
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  • In a world of broken things how is anything ever fixed? if something is never truly whole how can being whole be truly missed?

    14 years ago
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  • Unfortunately thus is life...things you need done to save things rarely are, the things people hope for rarely occur and looking back, things will always look better on the road you didnt take...

    14 years ago
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