What does Poetry mean to you?

  • Moose
    16 years ago

    Poetry isn't a peice of literature poets randomly write down. It isn't a skill you can pick up out of the blue, or a skill you can be born with. A Poem, in its entirety, is a way a poet or an author, expresses their views on the earth, life, or emotions.

    ((I guess this is kinda what it means to me, if you need more I can elaborate.))

  • David Moss
    16 years ago

    To me, poetry is an outlet to express your ideas or experiences to others as you wished you could express youself every time you spoke. To transfer emotion from poet to paper to reader - no easy task, but rewarding if accomplished.

  • Daenerys Stormborn
    16 years ago

    Poetry is written to express and relieve strong emotion. Poetry is a song from the heart, put into words.

  • Truest Lies
    16 years ago

    Poetry is the color of the blind, the music of silence...

    Poetry is the beauty of words.

  • RainbowSlider
    16 years ago

    Poetry is therapy. It is a way of communicating. It is an artform.

  • Bhavin
    16 years ago

    poetry is a medicine for literature lovers who express their ideas.

  • Kirsty palmer
    16 years ago

    poetry to me is words that express feelings and emotions, its a way of communticating by haveing to think out side of the bx, and read between lines, to me poetry is about one person, and that person is yourself, you, the one writing! the only way poetry feels real, is if its unique, and your own.. HA! i sound freakish..but never mind.. please read some of my poems! xx kirsty xx

  • RainbowSlider
    16 years ago

    I liked the way you put it, too.

  • iloveyouubabyy
    15 years ago

    poetry means everything to me
    poetry & music my frist 2 loves ,lol

    - take care


  • Jordan
    15 years ago

    "Poetry isn't a peice of literature poets randomly write down."

    Well then I guess I don't actually write poetry.

    Hmm...I guess I could say that poetry is basically a place where I go to do multiple things:

    Have fun
    Let people know what kind of person I can be
    Express (Emotion AND opinion)
    Bash society/religion

    It's basically a sanctuary where I can be myself without worry.

  • BleedingAngel
    15 years ago

    My poems are from my heart and I write them about myself and things that has heppened in my life, so my poetry means everything to be, they are my life and my soul....Read them and you will get to know the real me.

  • Tara Kay
    15 years ago

    Poetry to me is life, the world we live in, and what happens within it.
    Its the beauty of the heart.

  • Yane
    15 years ago

    Poetry, oh poetry!! i can't tell how much i like it and how much it influence me..
    Poetry for me is the way i express myself and translate my heart's emotions and feelings...Poetry is a part of me...

  • LenaLee
    15 years ago

    Poetry is pouring your soul into writing, expressing your love and personality.

    Personally, I LOVE IT! ^.^

  • ♥ brokendolly ♥
    15 years ago

    I just love poetry. I can't put my finger on why.

  • Dumpstead
    15 years ago

    Poetry is a damn beautiful way to express your beliefs, feelings, thoughts so that the reader can realte to and enjoy the experience perhaps he could not have at all in his life.

    Basically I think it is an art of communicating what exactly your senses feel and how your mind interprets them in such a way that the only words will arouse the exact sensory perceptions and thoughts in the reader.

    What I meant o say is, all the five senses of smell, touch, hearing, taste, sight along with other perceptiosn such as balance, feelings, etc.. are to be expressed in a single medium(Words) but should arouse all sensory perceptions when reaches it's destination.

  • xxEvilAngelxx
    15 years ago

    I think poetry is as simple as a beautiful way to communicate your emotions and what you see through words that can elegantly translate that to the reader.

  • Gary Jurechka
    15 years ago

    Poetry is my release, my freedom, my expression of self-it is an exorcism of pent up emotion..I write because I cannnot NOT write.For many reasons, writing has been my love and release since I was ten years old.I used to write fiction, but in my twenties, I discovered poetry was more of an instant release, a form of self therapy, healing, hope.I wrote for many years just for myself, until a friend suggested publication, so after messsing with the markets and finding my niche, I started a successful and popular publishing career in the small press literary zines.But although I still have that novel in me, poetry is my sacred prayer, my purest expression, and I will always continue to try to master the art of poetry.The essence,the freedom, the passion.You write because you have to write.Period..

    Peace, Poetry, & Power,

    Gary Jurechka

  • Letty
    15 years ago

    To me Poetry is life, emotions, imagination, expression, discovery, and much more all in one read. I love poetry ! It's my exscape from reality and it helps me relieve stress. I love writing poetry I'm just not as good as a lot of poets on this site. But poetry is my future. I write night and day. I just need to find ways to learn more then I now know. I have learned a lot from this site. The more I learn, the more I want to write . So you see poetry is my present and my future/

    15 years ago

    Poetry to me is art, life, love, hurt, and dreams I can say that it helps you cope, heal and help a lot of people can't just say what they feel or how they feel but give them a piece of paper and a pen and the words just makes sense.....

    I love to write because that is also how I understand myself better and to atleast feel good about one thing in my life. I may not be able to share my emotions like others do but when I write I feel complete.

  • samantha spencer
    15 years ago

    i think its very gay

  • robin milford
    15 years ago

    For me poetry is about drawing a mental picture, if I draw a mental pic when I read something then this thing is good work. My writing of poetry is about emotions. I write to release and cope with stuff that is going on in my life.

  • robin milford
    15 years ago

    If u believe poetry is gay y r u on a poetry cite huh sammatha

  • Lu
    15 years ago

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  • catherine
    15 years ago


  • Lauren Waszkiewicz
    15 years ago

    An Emotional Outlet, A Way To Speak To The World.

    Simply.. My Life...
    Music and Poetry are My Passion.
    And The Are One In The Same.


  • Italian Stallion
    15 years ago


  • Jenni
    15 years ago

    for me poetry is a coping mechanism. it's what i do whenever i'm feeling stressed or depressed. sometimes though, i can write it just for fun, and that's what most people read and they think it's the best thing they've ever read.

    i've been told countless of times that being able to write is a gift that i was born with. not many people can really see it as an art, all they see it as is something that they don't want to interpret or analyze.

    i love writing poetry.

  • Gem
    15 years ago

    A way to calm yourself down when things have gone wrong or a way to express intense feelings before spontaneously combusting.
    Basically for me, poetry is an outlet and a hobby =)

  • Christie
    15 years ago

    a release of creativity and emotions.

  • Hatori
    15 years ago

    Poetry shows your thoughts, emotion and feelings. It is a form of help... I think :S.

  • mysery vs happiness
    15 years ago

    it is the pain relief for some and words for others... poetry is a branch of history!!

  • Gauraw Patil
    15 years ago

    A way to express feelings...

  • Boy
    15 years ago

    poetry mean alot to me becoasue my every feelings in my poems give me power to fight for my love

  • N J Thornton
    15 years ago

    As well as being a way to pass time, it's the only way I can stop the odd build up of words that occupy my teenage mind. I worry what would happen if I let them build up...maybe I'd be weird, or worse - normal!

  • bianca
    15 years ago

    poetry, for me, is a way to express what i am feeling. To get every thing out. It takes ahold of you and takes you some where. Its not something you can just force out, its comes from some where inside you,and there for i think its somthing from the heart no something you can LEARN to do. Its just somthing that every one has you just have to know how to tap into it.

  • Karl Wild GG23
    15 years ago

    I truly believe you can be born with the skill of writing, I mean I look at a piece of paper and the words just flow. All I have to do is think of something/someone and move my hand, and for any of you who have read my stuff, well you know. Everybody is born with something unique that there good at, why not Writing?

  • IdTakeABulletForYou
    15 years ago

    poetry = life

    It is only life that can mean something, but poetry is only a meaning of life. Therefore, my reason/meaning for living is poetry. So... there is no particular meaning that poetry gives to me. lmao, if you got all that.

  • LithiumSacrifice
    15 years ago

    poetry to me is an expression.. or an image. something deep that is hard to show through usual words.. its a voice for thing that people cant explain well like the idea of love and how painfull certain things can be.. its depth to the emotion.

    thats what it means to me.

  • I Miss Him
    15 years ago

    poetry to me means to express yourself in a state of mind you and only you can or may understand.