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hey to all that read this!!!
Dont judge me through my age, dont judge my maturity level that you presume i have, experiance does'nt necassarily determine my ability to write.
I love to draw images from my mind, and write them down in words, i find it insparing to see poems about the smallest things, suh as just a single petal, or someones faint smile. Some of my poems are written in this context, some however are true. I try to keep an open mind when writting all my poems, though i do not always right both sides, i feel that somethings are best left for the readers to interpret. I joined the site after one of my hidden poems was discovered by my mate, who then persuaded me to get them out there to other people. I do not expect every poem of mine to be perfect, hence why i am open to constructive critism. However it should be about the poem-not the writter. Judge me then expect to get judged back.. im an open hearted person who just wishes to fulfill life as and when i feel the need... xx

Im currently writting a book i may not post as many poems as frequently as i used to!!

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  • I shall execute the man that ordered the death
    Of me and my friends...

  • Whisked away, there flies my hopes,
    Torn out of my body my heart leaves...

  • Every smile that forms on his precious face;
    Caresses me with a holy trace...

  • Attack the darkness that surrounds me
    Fight all that may harm what I see...

  • How could you make me bleed?
    To show no remorse of what you've done...

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  • When Something Scares You.. Just Smile, And Scare The Scareness Away.

    17 years ago
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  • If Mirrors Could Talk, Would They Have To Say What The Person In front Of It Was Thinking?

    17 years ago
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  • People Think Others Are Perfect, But Others Think No Body Can Be.. So How Do We Know Which One To Go With, If No body Is Perfect Does That Mean There Can Be Two Answers, And Does That Mean We Can Think That Others Are Perfect?

    17 years ago
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