Three Little Monkeys

by Gem

(My mom used to tell me this when i was little)

Not last night, but the night before,
Three little monkeys came to my door
One with a trumpet
One with a drum
And one with a pancake stuck to his bum!

(Cute, aint it?)


Submission date : 2005-04-25

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Rating : 3.7

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Latest comments

psycho6doll at 2005-04-26

lol thts so0o0o cute...

Nikki at 2005-04-26

YO, I think that poem was really cute..... I yold it to some of my friends at school....

.:.*F0rG0tT3N~N080dY*.:. ( F P C D ) at 2005-04-28

lol! nice one!!! 5/5
hey, check some of my poems?
hay xx

hillo ( F C D ) at 2007-01-02

Ah that's so cute.

Animus ( F C ) at 2007-01-30

That's adorable!