Who i am

by Kelleyana

Gazing at the mirror observing what I see,
all might not be perfect, but it all belongs to me.
In the eyes of the mirror, a woman beckoned me,
when I looked at her from head to toe, I just love what I see. There might have been a part of me, that to me was never known, i would have search to find it, if I had only known. This love for myself that was embedded inside confused an approaching frown and the moment I spent to discover myself, my world Turned upside-down.

I was afraid of people saying, "Who does she think she is?" Now i have the courage to stand and say "this is who i am". Never will i follow the majority of living a life of constant duplicity, as a successful rebellion, take me as I am, or watch me walk away. What makes me, me is my originality, with lots of sincerity and I cherish this freedom which lies in being me.

The eyes of the society might not project its light on me,
but never will this bring me down or makes me think less of me. No external source will fulfill my void, within me i find my eternal joy. Known life's is too short to be self- obsessed but when my eyes sent me a rainbow filled with gentle colors that project confident within me, my world seems brighter each time i opened up the window of my face.


Submission date : 2011-05-13
Last edit : 2011-05-16

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Latest comments

Robert Gardiner ( F P C D ) at 2011-07-25

I believe that one should love and appreciate oneself, always, and Kel know you are loved. Great Poem!!!

Cinnamonspice ( F P C D ) at 2011-08-03

I have read of so much sorrow and pain through poetry. This was wonderful and refreshing. Totally inspiring in every way

Ingrid ( F P C D ) at 2012-03-27

Yes, I agree. True happiness is always found deep within the person itself and never in the outside world. It is the ego that makes us long for outside confirmation of our self-worth and when we fall into that trap, we keep on going from applause to applause and never feel the emptiness beyond.

I am glad you have found yourself:)

Well done,

5/5 Ingrid

Aryan ( D ) at 2012-03-27

Excellent poem and it has a very deep meaning and every word is conceived with the originality and truth. We often think that we have to work hard to earn our place in the society and we focus on things which have lass meaning in our life and often we ignore little things which are very important in our life. We think we have to follow the latest trend to being accepted in the society and without our realization we start doing things which we never use to do and when we realize we are a new creation of society created with greed, selfishness and gluttony. Lives is short and live your life as you want and never change yourself for anyone because the person who truly loves you will accept you and love you the way you are. My comment might not sound relevant to the poem but I just want to say what I felt after reading this poem. Keep up the good work Kelleyana.

Em ( F P C D ) at 2016-03-21

The in depth meaning of this poem is fabulous, I loved the flow. I wish there was more people like this :)

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