by Chris

Ive made a lot of mistakes in my past
I'm sure you have too
but why must you look down on me
i don't look down on you

i got caught up in some shit
ended up dropping out of high school
not the brightest thing
but ended up being my biggest teaching tool

I've lost friends, loved ones, and my child
due to the habits we could not control
just trying to kill the pain
what we did not know is how it affected our soul

I've done a lot of hurtful things
I've lied,I've cheated, I've stole
been to jail
been out on parole

I've made a lot of mistakes
things i wish i could take back
things that don't make me proud
my memories are like a smack

but this is who i am
this is me
I'm a high school drop out, a juvenile delinquent, an alcoholic, and a father to a dead son
but all of this has taught me who i should be

i have walked down that dark path
and some how came out
now i am walking the right way
and learning what life is suppose to be about

i once was blind
but now i see
and i am not going to let
my past break me


Submission date : 2005-06-19

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Latest comments

ashley at 2006-08-17

Reading that poem brings back alot of things in mylife. I am a writer and have been for a long time but lately I have n\'t wrote because I just lost my little boy. i was pregnant gave birth and he died. i feel like i did something wrong. i was in and out of trouble my whole life and did messed up things but now looking back i have made great improvments and its amazing that you can sit back and relize your mistakes and man up to them b/c most people cant and wont do that and i give you full repsect for that

¤say_what¤ ( F ) at 2006-10-10

This is deep and has a lot of personal meaning. i enjoyed reading it.

victor Shahbaz at 2006-10-16

I read this, and i was reminded of the past. you are not the only one who went through this, but you are one of the few who have learned from mistakes. in regards to the way you wrote this poem, excellent couldn't have done it better. this poem could really change some peopls lives, share it with the world.

tiffany ( C ) at 2006-10-29

Ohhh my goodness! i really liked this poem! it was amazing!!!

2BEEZIE4U ( F P C D ) at 2007-10-04

Wow chris...
id like to be ur friend

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