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I am nobody, just like you. Just a name without a face on some computer screen somewhere, for all you know I am just a figment of your imagination. I exsist through wires and computer chips. I am just as fake as you. So do us both a favor and dont read my shit.............

I find this site to be mostly juvenile in an understanding of thought and poetry, it just doesnt make since to me anymore, but for the few who get it I will continue to leave things for you, but if you dont, dont waste your time voting or commenting, if your comment is not half way intelligent I wont comment back, and just because you dont understand something does not mean you should give it a low vote, this is not a popularity contest. Everyone please get over themselves.

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  • The common dialogue. Of the uncommon mind. Is the source of my existence. The friendly and unfriendly. Conversations of good and bad. Always in my head. The love that I have. For the insane. Is the essence of my life.

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