Bad Girl

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..   Mar 18, 2008

I'm as hot as a burning flame
Wild cat
Can't be tamed
When you leave this place
You won't forget my name

I'm as cool as ice
I play naughty
Not nice
I only have to walk past once
To make you look twice

Bad girl, looking for a bad boy
I like to play
Won't you be my toy?
I can spin your world around
Just relax and enjoy

I'm as rough as I am smooth
Gyrating hips
I know how to move
Your parents warned you about me
But all your friends approve

Hot as fire, cool as ice
Bad girl playing naughty not nice
I know how to move and what to do
So won't you take me home with you?

((Ok so COMPLETELY different to anything I've ever written before but I thought I'd give it a go, I was actually thinking of it as more as a song when I wrote it but it is a poem cuz I can't sing lol . Comments welcome))


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