Eyes Like Flies

by Kevin   May 26, 2008

Anything to seperate,
though not always about Nirvana,
Kids in halls or jeans genes.

Continuously made to wait,
which helps the sharing of the inside,
even as they pass the past.

Another weekly choice of hate,
defining shapes with who they click too,
still they want to be wanted.

An growing out of all of this,
more eyes inside than scanning labels,
strange to greet with a smile and a kiss,
just different kinds of adult kids.


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  • 9 years ago

    by sibyllene

    You poems are usually so impenetrable to me. I have to read them slowly, a few times over, to begin to get any sense of meaning. It's kind of fun, though - like a puzzle. One clue will begin to unlock others. They are never stupid and impossible, though. It's clear that there's always some swift cogs working in that noggin of yours.

    With this poem, I have no guaranteed interpretation, but some guesses. To me, it seems to be about kids in their adolescent school years, trying to figure out themselves and how they fit into their social worlds. I enjoy your little plays on words in the final lines of each stanza - I can picture you chuckling to yourself as you write things like that.

    "Eyes like Flies" is also a very intriguing, evocative title. I like the mood that it implies, something quick and lively and shiny but also a bit repulsive. I would like to hear if you had other ways that the title played into the poem - does it recur in other places?

    That's all for now. I need to get back to reading people's poetry - I've been so lazy!