Wont Let Me Forget

by 2weak2smile   Aug 24, 2008

Let the darkness cover me,
I don't want to be seen,
Not any more, not by you, not by anyone,
Not while I cry, And I scream.

Let down again by only myself,
You say you'll be there, through thick and thin,
But, this mist is too thick,
And this tight rope is too thin.

You turn and walk away,
The darkness takes me once again,
To the place that beats and kicks me,
Here filled with nothingness and pain.

So here I am in a place I hoped to forget,
The place I thought i left behind,
It is true, You never do really leave this place,
Here forever, unforgiven....and blind......


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  • 10 years ago

    by ForbiddenSnowflake

    As I have told you.....It's as though you read my thoughts and emotionals. Great work :-)! 5/5