Cursed Eyes

by The Angel of Secrets   Sep 6, 2008

Born into a world no one dares to see,
Asking gently: why does no one think like me?
I see the blood pour down as rain every day,
I see the world in colors, you gaze the world in gray.

You speak words of wisdom you don't understand,
You reach out knowing they won't take your hand.
I speak my words with a meaning deep,
I sit up in the nights darkness, while you fall asleep.

You pick a flower, I pick a scent,
You don't understand what my words represent.
You lift your shoulders, I ask because.
I'm not like you, and I never was.

I've felt the pain of the backside of a hand,
But you don't even know, you don't understand.
I've felt the pain of the power of a belt,
I have seen the hate you have never felt.

I have faced death with my hand around a knife,
But I didn't choose to see, I never chose this life.
I have been given a death wish, and eyes blue,
To see the world different from the rest of you.

It's a curse and a gift few people get,
It's a day filled with things you have never met.
You should thank the heavens for not seeing this,
I live my life in an oceanic abyss.

If you think you've ever been afraid,
You have never had the feeling of the world being betrayed.
You have no idea what it's like to be scared,
And feel like the world never cared.

I curse whoever gave me these eyes,
I see eternity, you see the skies.
You see a drop, I see the rain,
You see the cut, I see the pain.

I was born with these eyes, it has nothing to do with any of you.
Being alone is the price for seeing the world like I do.
We see the same, I just see it worse.
Loneliness is the writer withins forever lasting curse.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Sora Lynn

    Wow. i'm practically speechless. this was one of the most intriguing poems i've read in such a long time. it was extemely creative and very deep. you poured your feelings out like it was nothing. what an amazing thing. the title was eye catchin and fit perfectly with the poem. the flow was fantastic also.

    I curse whoever gave me these eyes,
    I see eternity, you see the skies.
    You see a drop, I see the rain,
    You see the cut, I see the pain.

    that stanza was my favorite, it made the whole poem fall together for me. i can relate to this poem, it really, truly touched me. amazing job well done. 5.5,


  • 10 years ago

    by HollywoodSmile

    Wow, this really is amazing. its beautiful, how you presented the sadness. its amazing how...detailed your description of your sight. i love this. its like it was radiating hate and lonliness, but in an entirlely new way.


  • 10 years ago

    by Dark Secrets

    I tottally understand what you mean here, it is a curse to see the world differently than other people do... I have a very unique personality between my class mates and it makes me feel lonely, especially when all of them have the exact opposite opinion

  • 10 years ago

    by resisting reason

    I..i dont know what to say. that was incredible., i wish i could say more. this doesnt usually happen to me..thank you

  • 10 years ago

    by HvN

    Wow... such a beautifully written sad piece of work... gosh this touch me so deeply.
    the ryme is so well written and the flaw.. incredible...