A Tribute To A Lost Friendship.

by ABake   Mar 19, 2009

So many nights, she listened to me cry; I swear she was my glue when my pieces were coming undone. Looking back at phone bills, there wasn't a day we didn't talk. Until now- Now, she's "spitting balls of fire," her words are fire burning my heart like a 500 degree flame.

How do you use someone who doesn't benefit you in any way but with their amazing friendship? Good question isn't it dear, ahh yes it is. According to her, I am a "selfish little girl." I wonder if it makes her feel better to hurt me, seems to me there is a pattern forming;

I don't know about you, but I've never been all that good with patterns; So I am stopping this one before it gets the chance to repeat- Here's a tribute to the journey of a long distance friendship, once lost then found; It has now been lost again.

God is watching me, I know. He's watching everyone, including you; I'm not sure if you remember, but we're both playing the same game here- Sure, you've been playing a lot longer, but hun I've got some experience on my hands.

Remember all of the times we stayed up talking, just looking for something to do. The countless laughs shared and tips on life we traded. Honey, call me selfish if you'd like, but the only way I've been selfish is trying to maintain a friendship with you.


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  • 9 years ago

    by BornAgainWriter

    LOL! AAAAH. Slashed my heart right in two.

    I like your choice of words. Not even kidding.