Is It Just Me Or Does This Sound Wrong?

by ABake   May 5, 2009

Sometimes I get so lost, lost in this crazy world we live in. Im skipping on clouds and staring at the sidewalks. Sometimes the sun feels cold and your love feels hot. Its burning my skin and my heart is on fire. Im running in squares now and I think im sprinting at a slow speed-- I know where im going though, im trying to get to you sweetheart.

My head is closed and my eyes are pounding- wait, I don't think that tastes right. Your lips sound just fine and your voice looks appetizing. I always told you your love does crazy things to me, but you insisted on being hard headed. You threw the thought away like an hour old orange. My heart wishes you would've kept it like a 2 week old piece of cake; just held onto it. Just incase you got the kindness tooth in the middle of the night. Lets forget who we are talking about here...

Im swimming for your help and im screaming to get to you- why do I feel like I have all of this inside out? Im coloring the edges of your lips and im tracing circles all over my hand. What if, what if you heard me crying in the middle of the day? Would you come running or just frolick through the fields of flowers? I bet you never would've thought to pick me one or two or three of those flowers. But that is okay my dear because my heart is running thin and my patience is shattered into a million pieces of confusion.


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  • 9 years ago

    by BornAgainWriter

    Okay. i read this before. but i never left a comment. and honestly i don't know why. but here goes. i loved the last paragraph of this poem. i loved it all. like everything is backwards yet it all makes sense. in a poetical way. just my kind of poetry. :) i