Inspirational/Faith King David

by The Poetic Child   Aug 24, 2010

He writes on and on, everything that he's been through,
No blood is lost, when he says he bleeds through his pencil,
Pain and agony manifested into words of torture
When you read it you can feel the burn... scorcher

He emerges pictures in his head of fantasies for the universe
That everyone who laughed at him... become doomed n cursed
He sits and waits though... for the end to come
Cause his minds keeps shifting like a pendulum

But his mind got to wonder, but his minds tormented
Trying to find lee ways that his mind invented
Trying to fight pain, so the pains prevented
But a word crosses his mind, the word repentance

Faith, perseverance, wisdom, these words come idle
That make him question these meanings so he opens the bible
Then he cries out for god, where are you, why do you hide though
Your making my life this hell, Like imgoing Suicidal

He cries though, You lied though,
You promised me happiness but where do my eyes go,
Low, like imhained down by the demons who creep me
They control my emotions, slaved the way that they treat me

But Jesus answers back to him, you never seeked me
It took this much pain for you to come meet me
Every tear you cried, I cried 4 times as much
I yelled for you, but I guess I wasn't loud enough

Put me in your life, I promise you No harm
The demons cant touch you, not even on your arm
How do you know my pain he questions, I cant be calm
then jesus raises out his arm, with the nails stuck in his palm

Hug me and accept me, as you lord and savior
And ill forgive you for your sins, n childish behavior
Ill walk by you, guide you, never leave beside you
And hear your worries, whenever you decide to,

Take my hand, and pray with me, consistently visit
Cause I love to hear your prayers I consistently miss it
He says back but jesus, Im nothing here, Im just worthless
He says that nonsense, you're here for a purpose

Your gonna do such great things, you couldn't possibly hate it
You will loved by many and all, why you think your names david
The beloved one, after gods on will, you have a power son use it
The way you move crowds towards you, wit words and music

You move crowds
Make music
Write songs
And you're a fighter

King David
A shepard
A soldier
A writer

Tears sweep down as he begins to see revelations
Hes crying in his heart, but out comes no explanation
Jesus takes his hand, and lifts him up weightless
Where he can feel his first breath of freedom, its spaceless

So now he walks on proud, knowing angels surround
He can continue to a journey knowing angels are bound
The evil can touch him, Gods forever prevailing.. winning
And now that hes next to him, its just the start of the beginning


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