All That I fear

by Melpomene   Mar 16, 2011

All that I fear
nests on the
apricot of his lips.

The way he would
hold a hand to flowers and
bloom a bouquet of
all I am and
all he wanted me to be.

Though I never spoke of
Gardenia stems knotted,
nor butterflies released
from an iron cage.

Instead I chose to
only love in November,
touch spring with
summer and
present his heart
with winter -

picking petal by petal
from an illusive bouquet.

For this was
all I could offer,
and all I could never be.


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  • 8 years ago

    by Courageous Dreamer

    Ahh this is extremely heartbreaking. I just love your metaphors, they are excellent and just tie your emotions together in a very strong way. Sometimes people do dream up of the way they want you to be, and sometimes we cannot meet their standards. We shouldn't live by that though, we should be who we are and if we aren't good enough for them, then tough. We shouldn't have to change. Excellent write, Mel.

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